Salsa Angels

I thought I would take this chance to thank my Salsa Angels. My Salsa Angels are the ladies in the past 10 years who have played a significant role in my Salsa journey.

Speed Demons

After dancing for 4 years I got to a point where I was extremely comfortable in my ability to lead my partner. However, Jo Moys and Becky Howe allowed me to experiment with my partnerwork and gave me a more open way of leading Salsa. These ladies played a special role in breaking me away from the conventional as I explored dynamics and extreme speed.

Dancers Perspective

Tina Stamou completely changed the way I think and feel about Salsa. Prior to meeting Tina partner work was at the centre of my Salsa universe. I spent many years hoarding more and more moves. After meeting Tina, I built an appreciation of Body Mechanics, Body Movement, and Shines, and kick-started my search for expression in dance beyond the world of Salsa. I now look to other dance forms for best practices which may be incorporated into my Salsa.


After 8 years of dancing Salsa, Chip McClure, Martina Petrosino and Kim Torrence are wonderful dancers that allowed me to be free and fully express how I feel through dance. The technique is never a question when we dance… The only question is how we can play with music and they have collectively inspired me.

I have added Chris Benson to my list of Salsa Angels as she has lighted up my Salsa world with her smile and playful take on dancing.


Over the past 2 years, I have been looking more at co-creation. How I and my partner can paint a picture together with the music as our inspiration and the dance floor as our canvas. This has been sparked by Alexandra Ilie. I am no longer thinking about what comes next, what partnerwork fits this piece of the music, or what footwork I should do. I love it when me and my partner responding to each other and live in the moment.

There have been many others who have influenced my journey but I would like to take the time to give a massive THANK YOU…

If you have a Salsa Angel take this time to give your thanks and appreciation.

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