This is the final article in the rapid improvement set; these five articles were written to be thought provoking and will hopefully awaken your awareness, make you think about your learning, give to you the motivation to move on when you are ready and make you want find your limits through stretching yourself.

The final tip of the series is to find “Three Role Models”

Salsa is not new and there is no reason to stray from the well beaten path; there will be a time when you will make your own way through the world and at that point these articles will seem cute and common sense. Until that point it is good to find people that you can model yourself again.

Let me try to emphasise this through explaining my three currently role models:

Mouaze Konate

For me Mouaze is one of the most stylish Salsa dancers on the planet. Infinitely talented as both a dancer and performance and happens to be one of the most inspirational instructors I have met. He combines clean and clear movements with absolutely control and his musicality and playfulness is off the charts. What I search for through Mouaze is his control and style.

Didier Harold

I have known of Didier for some time now and remember being amazed while watching him dance. 5 years on I still have this sense of amazement; watching Didier dance is like watching a movie for the first time and not knowing what will happen next. A combination of control and a mastery of dynamics as well supreme musicality that makes my eyes gravitate to him every time I am watching the floor. I love the fact that he is now London based and attends my nights with regularity. What I search for through Didier is his passion and dynamics.


Marlow is a well-known London based dancers; a Salsa enigma some may say. People have often asked me what I think of his dancing and I have often responded that he is hearing and experiencing something through dance that I wish I could. Wonderfully complex as a dancer Marlow blends body movement, horizontal and vertical dynamics and afro movements. What I search for through Marlow is his freedom.

Final Thoughts

My choices of role models are forever changing as I grow and evolve as a dancer. There were moments where I modelled myself after the Partnerwork experts in the world (Santo Rico, Yamulee, Cobo Brothers), and then the body movement masters (Frankie Martinez, Irene Miguel). Now I am in an exploratory phase of my Salsa where I am searching for personal expression. Through trying to understand my current role models I can start to add what they have into my own dancing.

Toan Hoang

Written by Toan Hoang

Toan Hoang has been dancing Salsa for more than 10 years and was the co-founder and managing director of TNT Dance in London; A dedicated and holistic Mambo school, that thrives on innovation, and hopes to develop and inspire the next generation of instructors and performers. www.tntdance.info

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